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- The Journeyman Project TURBO Troubleshooting -

Troubleshooting Guide - Macintosh Version (6.0.7 to 9.2.2)

I am using a Power Mac with 8MB of RAM. I'm also using minimal extensions, but when I play the game, all the game screens after the first one goes completely white:

    To run the Journeyman Project Turbo, some additional memory must be kept available for other essential computer functions. In the Finder, go to the Apple menu and choose "About This Macintosh...," and note the "Largest Unused Block." Find the JMP Turbo icon on your hard drive, highlight it, go to the File menu, and choose Get Info. Change the preferred size so that it is several hundred KB less than the largest unused block. For example, if the largest unused block is 4850KB, set the preferred size of JMP Turbo at 4500KB.

I have difficulty saving games:

    In some instances the game may try to save to the CD-ROM drive, which of course is impossible. In the Save Dialog Box, make sure you point to an available hard drive.

The game is very slow when I run it:

    Make sure virtual memory and RAM Doubler are off along with all other unnessary extensions.

Can I use The Journeyman Project Turbo with Virtual Memory or Connectix RAM Doubler?:

    Game performance will decrease significantly when any form of virtual memory is used. It is strongly recommended that all such utilities be turned off before running The Journeyman Project Turbo.

The game does not take up the whole screen when playing and it is shifted off to the bottom corner:

    The player is using an older 12 inch monitor with a fixed resolution of 512 x 384 pixels. The game needs a monitor capable of at least 640x480 resolution to run properly.

Troubleshooting Guide - Windows Version (3.1 to 95/98)

Vids.cdv not found:

    You need to reinstall the multimedia components of Windows 95. An older version of Video For Windows was installed in place of the one being used by Windows 95. If you rerun the install of Windows 95 and do a Custom Install choosing the Multimedia Components, it will reinstall the latest version of Video For Windows.

    NOTE: using the ADD/REMOVE program option will not fix the problem. You need to reinstall.

User is getting "This program is making an Dynamic Link call to a DLL":

    User has conflicting versions of QuickTime on their system. Get the latest version of QuickTime from Apple Computer via the web at When the customer runs the QTINSTAL.EXE program make sure they run with the -D option. This will reinitalize the quicktime directory files.

The game crashes when I look at the Ares robot hologram in the World Science Center:

    The game is attempting to access a movie that has been incorrectly linked. This is a known problem in the game that you will need to avoid. You don't need to look at the robot to win the game.

The game crashes when I use the security camera on Norad VI:

    The game is attempting to access a movie that has been incorrectly linked. This is a known problem in the game that you will need to avoid. You don't need to watch the video camera to win the game.

The game crashes with a KRNL386.EXE error on Mars when I try to get back to the maintenance shuttle:

    The game is having problems while attempting to to load a death sceen. Avoid returning to the shuttle - you'll need to find another way out of this section of the game anyway.

I can't get this game to run on Windows Vista or later:

    The 64-bit modes of Windows Vista and 7 are known to break backwards compatibility with 16-bit software. The best alternative at this time is to run an older version of Windows through Virtual PC or DOSbox.

TSA Codes

The following codes are needed to gain access to restricted areas and files within the Temporal Security Annex:

Temporal Security Annex Entry Code:6894895
Background, Theory, and Procedure Monitor Access Code:0524133
Historical Reconfiguration Code:0291384

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